15 Facts about me!

I thought what a better way for you guys to get to know me then writing 15 facts about me. I want to interact with you guys and so I thought you should know 15 facts about me. These facts will be random and may not interest some people but I’m not a very interesting person.

  1. I’m 16 Years Old
  2. I live in the South East of England
  3. I LOVE Unicorns! (You should Follow me to become apart of my Unicorn Family!)
  4. I love photography. I got a Canon camera for my 16th Birthday but haven’t taken many photos yet. I’m still learning about taking photos and trying to find interesting photos to take.
  5. I love reading. I’m currently reading a book about Bloody Mary (I can’t remember the book title)
  6. I love YouTube and I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel but I’m not sure what videos to make. So please comment down below if you would watch my videos and what videos I should do.
  7. I am currently in a Long Distance Relationship with a Guy called Robert. We live 4 and a half hours away from each other.
  8. I use to play the piano and guitar but I stopped playing the guitar. I am planning to learn how to play again soon.
  9. I love drawing. I draw lots of Tribal art (Tattoo designs), I also draw random things like Emojis.
  10. I do not attend college instead I work to help support my family.
  11. I’m a young carer (if you don’t know what that means it is when you take care of someone else like your mum/dad for example as they are not able to care for them self) I look after my mum as she is not mentally/emotionally stable to look after me or my siblings.
  12. I write my own songs. They are all unfinished but I enjoy song writing it’s a way for me to express my emotions.
  13. I love music!! My favourite band at the moment is Bring me the horizon! If you love Bring me the horizon we are instant best friends!
  14. I prefer to sleep through the day. I don’t know why I have just always found I sleep better through the day then I do at night
  15. I love Maths. Especially Algebra. I always loved finding the letters when I was at school. I have always enjoyed maths since I was a child

That is my 15 Random facts.

So, I can get to know you guys better why don’t you guys comment 5 facts about you? They can be as random or as interesting as you want them to be.


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