Suicide Bomb attack in Manchester! Ariana grande concert.

I’m sure most people have heard about the attack in Manchester Arena on Monday 22/05/17. If you have not heard yet then on the 22/05/17 there was a bomb attack in Manchester, UK at the time of Ariana Grande’s concert. It was first thought to be a terrorist attack but later on it was confirmed as a Suicide Bomber. 22 people are confirmed dead, this included a 8 year-old girl! 59 were injured and got rushed to hospital.

Witnesses have said they didn’t know what the loud noise was at first. People had said it was a balloon which had popped and others said it was the sound system. Then people heard someone yell “RUN!” This concert had 21,000 people. Luckily, less then 100 were seriously injured/killed. One of the parent’s who was waiting just outside the arena for his daughter had said “I heard an explosion and didn’t know what it was. The concert had ended when the explosion had happened. People were coming out the arena and then I saw smoke. I ran into the arena to find my daughter. I found her and luckily she wasn’t hurt”

Surprisingly, this attack hasn’t put everyone off going to a concert again. The news team asked a little girl who was at the concert if she would go to another concert. her response was “I will go to another concert if my mum goes with me.” If she does go to another concert I hope she has a good time!

The suicide bomber was confirmed as one of the dead along with 21 other people. ISIS had claimed it was them who set up the attack but do we really believe them? Or are they just angry they didn’t think of this idea? England is now under ‘critical’ with Military being deployed on the streets along with armed police officers. There are now armed police officers in Manchester, UK.

Ariana Grande has supposedly offered to pay for all the funerals of everyone who sadly lost their lives at the concert. She is also going to play another concert in Manchester, UK and all the money she gets is going to help the families of the victims. How amazing is she?

The UK have been warned to be careful as another attack is supposedly happening very VERY soon. If you plan on going to any big events like LGBTQ pride , Justin Bieber’s concert, Ed Sheeran’s concert. Anything big over the next few months then please PLEASE be careful. The security at concerts are now doing thorough checks so please leave extra time for the checks. If you can don’t bring a bag to make the check faster this is for yours and everybody else’s safety in the concert.

I hope everyone is safe and make sure you stay safe. If you think someone is acting suspicious and may be a suicide bomber please call the terrorist hotline and you could possibly save people’s lives. I hope you have a good day/evening.



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