My life…

Hi Guys!

Me and my boyfriend have a long-distance relationship (270 Miles/4.5 Hours). He came down to see me on the 25th July 2017 (His currently still here). His had a hard life… His mum abandoned him and his dad when he was 1 year’s old. It’s just been him and his dad for 15 years (His 17 in January). His dad is an alcoholic and my boyfriend suffers from depression.

His depression got too bad at one point and he ended up overdosing. We didn’t know each other at this point. This happened on July 24th 2016. He messaged me that night while he was still in hospital and told me what happened. I stayed up for hours talking him out of not doing it again… I spent hours talking to him that night and I had no idea who he was. We never spoke after that day until he messaged me again in September we spoke a couple of times throughout September and then we started talking more through November to January. (Long story short we got together in Feb 2017 and are currently still together it’s been just over 6 months).

His had a hard life with his mum walking out on him, His dad being an alcoholic and his suicide attempt. His been at my house almost 3 weeks. We were talking today and he turned round to me and told me “I’m proud of you” I asked him why and his response was “You have been through so much and you are still here. I’m proud of you” I wanted to start crying. We were having a conversation a bit later and we were talking about our lives. He turned round and said “I’ve only been here a few weeks but you really do have a hard life. Comparing my life to your life I was spoon fed” That really put into perspective how many people take their life for granted. His had a hard life but for him to say mine is harder then his really puts into perspective how hard some people’s lives are but nobody ever knows.

I’ve always been called the ‘Strong One’ but I’ve never really seen myself as that strong.

I’m now moving 270 miles across the country at the age of 17 to be with my boyfriend because he don’t like the environment I live in. For at least 10 years I’ve always been the ‘Strong One’ and had to look after my mum and my siblings. For once I’m going to be able to not worry about looking after them anymore and have someone look after me. It’s never too late to be looked after I guess.

I had to grow up to fast and missed all my childhood. I never really got the chance to be a kid or a teenager. I never got the chance to really go out with friends on a Friday/Saturday evening, never got the chance to go to any parties or an social event with friends because I was looking after my family. I’m finally going to get a chance to not worry about being at home to look after everyone now.


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